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Chad Garrett is a seasoned survival expert and the passionate voice behind With years of experience in survival techniques and a deep understanding of tactical preparedness, Chad has become a trusted authority in the community.

His expertise extends from navigating the complexities of survival scenarios to providing comprehensive advice on the best gear and strategies for self-reliance.

In His Spare Time: When he’s not researching the latest survival gear or writing insightful articles for his readers, Chad is an avid outdoorsman. He finds peace in the quiet of the wilderness, often hiking or practicing bushcraft skills in the backcountry. His love for the outdoors is matched only by his enthusiasm for archery, a discipline that sharpens his focus and patience—traits that serve him well in all areas of life.

Family Life: Family is the cornerstone of Chad’s world. He is a devoted husband and father, and much of his drive to master survival skills stems from his commitment to family safety and security. Weekends are often spent teaching his children the value of self-sufficiency, whether it’s through a family camping trip or a lesson in the backyard on the finer points of archery. Chad’s partner shares his passion for the outdoors, and together they instill in their children a respect for nature and the importance of being prepared for any of life’s unexpected challenges.

Chad Garrett isn’t just an expert; he’s a mentor, a family man, and an advocate for a life well-prepared. Through his website and his writing, he continues to inspire and educate those looking to embrace the survivalist lifestyle.