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Accurate 1680 Smokeless Gun Powder

Accurate 1680 is a double-base, spherical rifle powder that is extremely fast burning and well suited for large capacity, high performance handgun cartridges such as the 454 Casull, 460 S&W, and 500 S&W. 1680 is also an excellent choice for 22 Hornet and 7.62 x 39 rifle cartridges, as well as other low capacity rifle cartridges. Made in the USA.

Accurate 2015 Smokeless Gun Powder

Accurate 2015 is a single-base, fast-burning rifle powder that performs admirably in small to medium varmint calibers (223 Rem, 204 Ruger). 2015 is a popular choice for first-rate performance in benchrest calibers, and it is also suggested for usage in large bore straight wall cartridges (45-70, 458 Win Mag). 2015 has outstanding ignition qualities and consistency from shot to shot. Produced in Canada.

Accurate 2200 Smokeless Gun Powder

Accurate 2200 Smokeless Gun Powder Accurate Powders is a business that lives up to its name. The whole line of

Accurate 4064 Smokeless Gun Powder

Accurate 4064 is an intermediate burning, single-base, short cut extruded rifle powder designed around the 30-06 Springfield. This versatile powder works extremely well in calibers such as 22-250, 220 Swift, 243 WSM, 7×57 Mauser and the 325 WSM. 4064 is a popular choice for High Power shooters using the M1 Garand. Made in Canada

Accurate LT-30 Smokeless Gun Powder

The second in Accurate’s line of benchrest-grade Light Target powders, LT-30 is optimized for use in the .30 BR cartridge. While still in its development phase, LT-30 was used to win numerous matches, even claiming a world record along the way. With a burn rate similar to 4198, this single-base fine grained powder is at home in many smaller capacity cartridges including the 6.5 Grendel and .222 Remington.

Accurate No. 11FS Smokeless Gun Powder

No. 11FS is intended for full-power loads in magnum handguns and smaller capacity rifle cartridges. This double-base spherical propellant was developed with an eye toward personal defense and incorporates a flash-suppressant that substantially reduces muzzle signature in low light conditions. In the .300 Blackout, No. 11FS is capable of extremely high velocities with lighter bullets, making it the best propellant choice for shooters looking to maximize downrange performance. Made in the USA.

Accurate No. 5 Smokeless Gun Powder

Accurate No. 5 is a fast burning, double-base, spherical handgun propellant. This powder is extremely versatile and can be used in many handgun calibers. No. 5 offers a wide performance range from target and Cowboy Action applications to full power defense loads. This powder meters well and strikes a good balance between ballistics and cost efficiency. Made in the USA.

Alliant American Select Smokeless Gun Powder

Our newest "ultra clean" burning premium powder makes a versatile target load and superior 1-oz. load for improving clay target scores. Great for Cowboy Action handgun loading, too!
  • Designed for 12 gauge target loads
  • Optimal recoil and patterns
  • Great pistol powder, too
Principal Purpose: 12 ga. target loads Secondary Uses: Cowboy action handgun loads Remarks: Premium Ultra Clean Burning target powder, excellent patterns and less felt recoil.

Alliant e3 Smokeless Gun Powder

The new e3 from Alliant Powder represents the next generation of reloading powder technology, and it provides the clay target shooter with everything he or she needs to keep the winning edge. This 12 ga powder has a perfect balance of the qualities that competitive shooters look for. Alliant e3 Powder has lower charge weights, is the cleanest burning 12 ga. shotshell powder on the market, and has environmental stability and ultra premium quality to provide more consistent and reproducible performance all year long. It is destined to become the standard by which all other shot shell powders are measured, and it, like all of Alliant's flake powders, is proudly made in the United States. This exciting new powder, named after its core qualities of energy, efficiency, and excellence, provides 12-gauge target shooters with a high-performance product that stands out from the crowd.
  • Clean burning
  • Low charge weight efficiency
  • Consistent performance

Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR Smokeless Gun Powder

Target shooters can benefit from increased speed and round-to-round consistency with the Power Pro 2000-MR. Get tight groups, repeatable cloverleaves, and even loads.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading
  • Excellent performance in heavy .223 and .308 loads
  • Enables reloaders to duplicate certain medium rifle heavy bullet factory loads
  • Density designed for proper cartridge fit

Alliant Pro Reach Smokeless Gun Powder

When going long range turn to Pro Reach™ from Alliant Powder®. Formulated for long range 12 gauge clay target shooting, Pro Reach gives shooters the ability to reach out and dust clays at remarkable distances. Pro Reach Powder is perfect for games such as Back Porch, Protection, Buddy and Annie Oakley and also a solid choice for reloading 12 gauge hunting loads. When you need to get out there and connect with a target, rely on Alliant Powder’s new Pro Reach.
  • Specially formulated for long distance 12 gauge shooting
  • Ideal for games such as Back Porch, Annie Oakley, Protection and Buddy
  • For use in 12 gauge hunting loads
Principal Purpose: Long Range 12 ga. Clay Target Secondary Uses: 12 ga. Hunting Loads Remarks: Ideal for long range 12 ga. clay target shooting and backyard games like Annie Oakley, Protection and Buddy.

Alliant Reloader 7 Smokeless Gun Powder

Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench rest shooter. Great in .45-70 and .450 Marlin.
  • Small caliber varmint loads
  • Great for .45-70 and .450 Marlin
  • Meters consistently
Principal Purpose:  Light rifle Secondary Uses:  45-70 gov't Remarks: The right choice for use in Varmint calibers using light-weight bullets.